Hello world! (How original)

First, welcome to this blog.

My intention here is to blog on anything related to Microsoft SQL Server, from a BI point of view, that I think may be of some interest for anyone out there.

But let me first introduce myself. During the ten past years I’ve worked with all versions of SQL Server starting with SQL Server 6.5. I have an extensive experience on data warehousing and multidimensional modeling. Along the years I’ve worked on a lot of projects for diverse customers in several functional fields from oil and gas to luxury, retail or manufacturing.

As of now, I’m working for Avanade, a joint-venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Avanade is a great company to work for and has been recognized several time as a top employer (just go the website if you want to learn more) and Microsoft partner of the year. I Hold here a Senior Manager and BI Solution Architect role.

To get back to this blog, I’ll cover here SQL Server news as they are announced by Microsoft … and SQL Server Codename Denali CTP3 should be out very soon and made public, allowing me to discuss here a lot of information that are actually under NDA 🙂

I’ll also cover some technical details of a data warehouse implementation as my customers are always keen to push our skills and MS products to their ultimate limit!

So here we go …


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