Having difficulties choosing the right representation for your data ? Try the “Chart suggestions” method …

So you want to propose convincing data representations ? Maybe have you sometimes difficulties choosing between all the form of existing charts the one that will best fit your needs ?

Some times ago, I was asked to discuss with a client involved in our dashboard design workshops, why to choose one kind of chart rather than another. Even if I knew well “instinctively” the different representations you can use for graphing trends or distributions for example, I was searching something formal and exhaustive to share with him, something that can guide him … even without me being around.

That’s how I dug on the ExtremePresentation website the following chart named “Chart suggestions – A Thought-Starter” :

It’s a decision chart that help you choose … charts 🙂 The one chart that “will provide the most convincing display of your quantitative evidence” to quote the method.

It is part of a broader method on how to build an effective presentation but it can be used as a guideline in most dashboards or reports designing job.

Digging even further, I found this website http://chartchooser.juiceanalytics.com/ which propose a dynamic version of the “Chart suggestions” chart.

Just let you guided.


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