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[Denali CTP3] No extensibility support, still we can have fun

Today, Mark Pryce-Maher left a comment on my post reporting the lack of support for SSMS extensibility in Denali.

Mark just started a series of posts on how to build extensions for Management Studio in Denali by leveraging the isolated shell it is built on.

Basically, you can build Visual Studio extensions and then targeting the isolated shell of Management Studio, making it a little bit easier to write add ins now than it was in the past.

You can read Mark first post on the topic here.

Update 1 : Mark has published the part 2 of his article here.



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[Denali CTP3] Product guide just released

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, Microsoft has released the product guide for SQL Server Denali at this address :

This product guide provide us with product data sheets, Powerpoint presentations, technical white paper, hands on labs, self running demos, links and videos from the 2011 edition of the north america TechEd.

The content itself is divided into four modules :

  • Denali overview,
  • Mission critical confidence,
  • Breakthrough insights (aka. business intelligence)
  • and cloud on your terms

The whole thing take almost half a gigabytes and seems to be very handful.

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