[Office 2013] New Office aka Office 2013 has been unveiled by Microsoft

Yesterday Microsoft has made available for download a Consumer Preview of the new version of Office aka New Office aka Office 2013 that will be RTM’d early next year.

It’s always a big time for us Microsoft BI professionals as Microsoft Office has always been one of the pillar of Microsoft BI strategy along with SQL Server and SharePoint.

You can go there to try it by yourself…

There’s a long list of new things for us in business intelligence among the following :

– A new Data Model feature deeply integrated into Excel and that rely on PowerPivot : One can now link Excel tables together and query them with pivot tables as if they were one.

Power Pivot has been enhanced and integrated into Excel to support the new Data Model feature

Power View has been integrated into Excel and produce a new Excel sheet full of new reporting opportunities.

Slicers has been enhanced and a new “Time Line Slicer” has been added. You can read about them there.

– New Olap Tools have been added to create “Calculated Measures“, “Calculated Members” and to manage them… You can read about them there.

I’ll try to cover them all in the next few days … Chris Webb has already published two posts on the first three topics here and here.



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