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Microsoft is announcing Power Bi for Office 365

Today, during the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced “Power BI for Office 365”.

Following the “Empower the end user” trend, Microsoft will provide to Office 365 users it’s self-service BI Tools that has until now been shipped into Excel : Power Pivot, Power View, Data Explorer renamed Power Data and Geo Flow renamed Power Map.

Doing so, Microsoft is also giving a final name to the two self-service bi Tools that are still in preview in Excel 2013: Data Explorer and Geo Flow.

What’s also important to note here, is that through this release, Microsoft will start to address the mobility since the rendering will be done in html5 (was previously done in Silverlight).

You can read the official blog post here : Introducing Power BI for Office 365

… and register for the preview here : Power BI for Office 365

Update : Chris Webb shares his thoughts on this there.


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